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How to Teach Your Dog to “Talk” Using Buttons

Do you feel frustrated not knowing what your pup is trying to tell you when they’re whimpering? Confused by barking or scratching that may signal different requests? What if your doggo could actually express their needs with the simple press of a button? Believe it or not, this is how dog owners have been training their dogs to ‘talk’.

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What Is My Dog Saying? Common Dog Habits And What They Mean

Have you ever wished your dog could just tell you what they’re thinking? Things would be so easy if they could just walk up to you and say “Hey human, I would like to go outside to do my business now instead of on the new carpet later.”. Or if they could let you know “Hi Mom, the reason I keep chewing up your shoes is that I’m incredibly anxious and need some reassurance”. While it can take some time and training to teach your dog to “talk” to you, there are many common behaviours dogs exhibit that can be easily explained. It's no heart-to-heart chat, but these 7 habits have been decoded to help you understand what your pet...

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How Dogs Understand Language

At some point in our lives, many of us have probably asked the question “What is my dog thinking?” It's only natural to want to understand our furry companions better so we can keep them happy and healthy. Maybe this idea is what brought you here to start your pets learning journey with hijoey. And part of the foundation of training your pup to communicate with you is understanding how the canine brain learns and processes language.  You may be surprised to learn that dogs' brains share many similarities with humans. Dogs are able to process speech very quickly, similar to the timeframe it takes us to do the same. And like us, they also have some of the same...

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