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hijoey "Car Ride" Button
hijoey "Car Ride" Button
hijoey "Car Ride" Button
hijoey "Car Ride" Button
hijoey "Car Ride" Button

hijoey "Car Ride" Button

Active Talking Dog Button
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  • Customize your talking button up to 30 seconds
  • Easy to press with your pup's nose or paws
  • Includes training buzzer guide -- ideal for curious frens & their hoomans
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries (NOT included)
  • 100-day risk-free guarantee
  • Designed with ♥ in Canada

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How it works

Model Your Words
Model Your Words

Doggo see, doggo do. It's all about exposure.

Target Your Button
Target Your Button

Boop with a nose or hit it with a paw. Be patient.

Listen To Your Fren
Listen To Your Fren

Communication is the key. No more whining.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not knowing how to help a stressed out pet is absolutely heart-breaking. Honestly, who has enough time to decipher what your pet is trying to communicate or keep up with all the latest dog training trends? Plus, forking over hundreds of dollars for trainer tricks that only work when they see hot dogs in your hand is so last year.

Meet hijoey. We exist with one goal in mind: to help inspire confidence and curiosity for you and your best friend. Our focus is on building effective community-backed experiments and with our 100 day money-back guarantee, now you can write your own story.

There are many successful ways that people have taught their dogs to use the buttons. The most common way to teach your pup is through a combination of Modeling and Targeting techniques. But just like people, all doggos have different learning styles and strengths. Make sure to checkout our Training section to learn more.

The most common option is putting your first button in a place that makes the most sense for intended action/word. For example, if the button is for going "Outside" or "Walk", it would be easier for your pup to learn and associate the button if it was placed beside the door that you frequently use to take them out for a walk.

However, it's important to note that once your pup learns multiple communication buttons and tries to combine words together, the separated button locations may make them run back and forth between each button. When your pup gets to this level, keeping all the buttons in one easily accessible single location is preferred. Make sure to checkout our hijoey Mats to learn more.

Just like people, all doggos have different preferred learning styles and strengths. So while you may see some pets online pressing their buttons in a matter of days, your special little genius may need more time to understand your intended behaviour.

We know it's very important to never rush or force the process on our friends. To make this time as easy and as stress free as possible, we've extended our return policy to 100-days after your purchase.

After all, the most important thing is for you to be patient and give your best friend consistent exposure to the buttons and actions.

Yes, our new upgraded talking dog buttons are sensitive enough for your pup to easily activate the sound with a simple boop on their nose.

hijoey's Talking Dog buttons provide the benefit of adding your own personalized voice to the words/actions, which should be easier for your pup to associate with for training. Interested in learning more? Checkout our Training worksheets here.

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